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Fantasy Network is a metroidvania game with a social media twist - a socialvania! Explore the colorful world of Holua and chat to hand-drawn, larger-than-life characters to discover a story that runs deeper than it may seem. Check out bustling towns and cities full of folk who’ll be happy to chat to you in person or on our social media, Fantasy Network. Just a heads up: Everyone’s hooked on the five big talent shows at the moment. Be careful when you head into the country, though - there are some nasty creatures around!


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  • Metroidvania adventuring: Freely exploring a vibrant world brought to life through hand-drawn graphics and 3D cel-shaded environments.
  • Using a range of weapons and unique items, take on a colorful variety of enemy critters and venture deeper into the expansive world.
  • Your goal is to win Holua’s five famous talent shows and the presidency, but look deeper and you may uncover a sinister plot.
  • Get advice and gossip from colorful characters. Many will help you in your quest if you do them a favor in return, but which ending will you see?
  • The choice is yours: Customize your character, choose their name, and save up for cool items and armor.
  • If you need a break from adventuring, why not chill out with five retro, pixel art arcade games or hang out with Holua’s residents?


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About Fantasy Network

Fantasy Network is a metroidvania game with a social media twist - a socialvania!

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Paolo Cattaneo
game developer

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