First socialvania ever!

Fantasy Network is a metroidvania game with a social media twist – a socialvania! Explore the colorful world of Holua and chat to hand-drawn, larger-than-life characters to discover a story that runs deeper than it may seem.


Key Features

  • Freely exploring a vibrant world brought to life through hand-drawn graphics and 3D cel-shaded environments.
  • Using a range of weapons and unique items, take on a colorful variety of enemy critters and venture deeper into the expansive world.
  • Your goal is to win Holua’s five famous talent shows and the presidency, but look deeper and you may uncover a sinister plot.
  • Get advice and gossip from colorful characters. Many will help you in your quest if you do them a favor in return, but which ending will you see?
  • The choice is yours: Customize your character, choose their name, and save up for cool items and armor      
  • If you need a break from adventuring, why not chill out with five retro, pixel art arcade games or hang out with Holua’s residents?

Game Trailer